Phoebe Grizelda[1] Howell[2] is a 9-year-old girl who discovered her friend, Marigold Heavenly Nostrils, by hitting her with a rock (long story).


Phoebe has black hair and large eyes. She has freckles, which Marigold calls "dots". Phoebe's eyebrows are usually hidden in her bangs.


Phoebe also has a friend named Max whom she has a crush on, but he doesn't know.

She doesn't like her middle name. One time, she mentioned that she likes middle names that are worse than "Grizelda".

She likes to play with Pastel Unicorns. In the first book, she was playing Pastel Unicorns with an actual unicorn. So, it was not the first time she played with them, and she's been playing with them before she met Marigold.

She is a bad singer, as shown in one book. She tried to make up a song about Marigold for Christmas. The lyrics were "O Marigold, o Marigold, your very very, very old, you eat fruit from a cherry bowl, something something fairy pole." However, in "Unicorn Theater" she sang "Friendship is fragile, it's easy to break. But sometimes true friends totally flake." That rhymes, and it sounds good. So, it could be that she practiced.

Lisa Ladybug.[3] was portrayed by Phoebe.


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