Lord Splendid Humility is an incredibly humble unicorn.


Lord Splendid Humility isn't seen during the comic strips, just his horn. It is known that he has a white horn. Because of the fact that he spends most of the time hiding, he hasn't been seen before. Supposedly he is amazingly beautiful and stunning, which is why he hides (because he is so humble).


Lord Splendid Humility is incredibly humble, with lots of humility. This is very rare because most unicorns have a very big ego. He is also very kind, and was the one who suggested that Marigold and Florence should meet, and allowed Marigold to stay with Phoebe. Lord Splendid Humility is also Marigold's crush!


Lord Splendid Humility is the second unicorn to never be seen (behind Nightshade Lovelycoat).

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