Dakota Reed is a mean, but popular girl in her class, and the arch-enemy of Phoebe, though Marigold doesn't mind her.


Dakota has curly red hair and is usually seen wearing a pink shirt and blue jeans. She wears sneakers and a pink headband most of the time.

When she is invited to Phoebe and Marigold's Halloween party, she wears a sleeveless pink princess dress and her headband is replaced with a princess hat. She was wearing pink high heels.

At Todd the candy breathing dragon's birthday party, she wears a darker pink dress with long sleeves and her hair is tied in a braid and she wore a tiara. It is unknown what her shoes looked like then, since her long dress was covering them.


Dakota is a vlogger for Metub on her vlog, SoDakota. The only known episodes are a list of the following below.

Magic hair. Dakota made a vlog episode about her hair. Marigold cut off her hair as a punishment for stealing Phoebe's elephant pencil topper, and she had to grow it back.

Magic hair part 2. Dakota couldn't control her hair, so she had to wrap it up in wire so it would stay still.

Goblins. Dakota made an episode about the goblins she met.

Christmas. Dakota made a vlog about the stuff she got for Christmas.

Phoebe. Dakota talked about Phoebe in an episode of her vlog. She made negative descriptions about Phoebe's clothes, and when Phoebe saw the video, she went in her room to change her clothes.


Even though Phoebe calls Dakota her "Arch-enemy", they were nice once in a while, so in addition to being enemies they were also freinimes.

Dakota is the first character in the Phoebe and her Unicorn book series to have red hair (in front of Sue).

In the first few books of the series, Dakota seemed a little snotty, but as Dana Simpson created more books of the series, she started to get more friendly.


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