Claustrophoebea is a superhero. Her alter ego is Phoebe. Her enemy is Pointyhead.


Claustrophoebea wears a purple bathing-suit like piece of clothing with a white "c" for Claustrophoebea on the chest and black tights underneath and black sleeves. She also has purple gloves and boots and mask. She also wears a purple cape.


Claustrophoebea does not have any powers. One time, Pointyhead asked her what her powers are. She told her that she is afraid of enclosed spaces, and if someone else is afraid of enclosed spaces, that means she has super empathy. But Pointyhead denied her, saying it was not a power.


Claustrophoebea is the only superhero without superpowers.

Her appearance is very similar to Batgirl's appearance, as she is also dressed in purple and black clothing.

She has only one enemy, Pointyhead.

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